Elle’s Guest Post — Thrifted Fancy Bulletin Board

Hello! It’s Danielle again, back with another project. Because of how UNBELIEVABLY cold it has been here in New Mexico, this requires absolutely no time spent outdoors going to and from stores for supplies! You probably have everything you need right at home, with a little reshuffling of office materials.

I’ve been promising myself since November that I will redo my office. Right now it’s a color that looks like Pepto Bismol watered down with chalky water. Not pleasant.

Now, I haven’t quite gotten to the part where I open the can of gray paint that is waiting on the office floor. But I have made some progress with what will go ON the pretty new walls when they’re newly painted!

This project takes 5-10 minutes, and only cost me $5.25 – $5 for the frame at a thrift store in Salt Lake City, and $0.25 for the bulletin board at a thrift store here in Albuquerque. Not bad, eh?

For the full post, complete with instructions and helpful photos, check it out on Danielle’s page.


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